The most bankable star in Hollywood? (You’d never guess!)

Whose movies have made the most money in Hollywood? Tom Hanks? Harrison Ford? Daniel Radcliffe? None of the above. The answer: you would never guess!

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Lloyd Webber brings Cats and Evita back to West End

When I Can’t Sing was put out of its misery at the London Palladium and We Will Rock You ended its 12-year residency at the Dominion, two of London’s five largest theatres went dark at the same time for the first time in decades. Continue reading

The most stunning theatre royal boxes in the world

The best seat in the house? Which are the best best seats in the best houses? Showbusinessinsights lifts the lid on the most desirable places to ‘see and be seen’ at the theatre: the Royal/Presidential/Imperial Box.

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Economic impact of festivals – from Glastonbury to Glyndebourne

As the music festival season gets into full swing, Showbusinessinsights examines the economic impact the festivals have. Music fans travelling to rural locations bring chaos to the local area, but also spend substantial amounts of money.  Continue reading

What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s-a-happening! Superstar debacle update

What’s the latest on the Jesus Christ Superstar fiasco? Or as Sir Tim Rice, might have put it, “What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s-a-happening!”

“Why should you want to know? Why are you obsessed with fighting?” – because you are reading this blog and you are nosey. Nothing wrong with that!

But in reality, the promoter could not complete the lyric… “I could give you facts and figures. Even give you plans and forecasts. Even tell you where I’m going.” 

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