Jesus Christ! Superstar arena tour cancelled at last minute

Extraordinary breaking news as the megabucks US arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar was cancelled amid confusion and shock.The production was due to open in New Orleans on 9 June and was scheduled to play arenas across the US over the next two months before ending in Philadelphia on 17 August. With a 50 date tour, more than half a million tickets were available, with a potential gross in the tens of millions of dollars. Continue reading

West End tickets – dirty little secrets and tips! Part 1: Savoy Theatre / Scoundrels

With an evening to spare in central London tonight, I took advantage of a great seat price for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the musical at the Savoy Theatre. What are the best bang-for-your-buck-seats at the Savoy?

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The most stunningly incompetent movie contract negotiations…*

* Read whole article before suing for libel.

Some years ago an anecdote was related to me which really made the crazy economics of showbusiness come alive for me. It’s absurdity is quite beautiful and I thought I’d share it with readers of showbusinessinsights – and add research and detail.

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Happy Birthday – by the biggest whistles in the world

This blog examines the business side of show business from all angles… including the exploitation, for commercial gain, of two enormous sisters singing Happy Birthday to their elder sibling. Yes, you read that right. Continue reading

MAJOR Changes at Foxwoods Theater

Interesting article on the home of the Spiderman debacle….

Ultimate Broadway

In the course of one week, three stories broke about one of the largest theaters in New York City.
The theater, with an extravagant facade, has been known for having a barn-like interior that, despite millions invested for Spiderman, just can’t be reinvigorated.
The 1,900 seat theater has been infamous for housing shows that underperformed. Audiences didn’t show up for “Young Frankenstein,” “The Pirate Queen” or “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” And need we remind you about “Spiderman: Turn off the Dark” which made history for being the most successful (and arguably the most disappointing show) in history? That isn’t the best track record.
It was assumed that “King Kong,” having finished a critically acclaimed run in Melbourne, would find a home on Broadway at the Foxwoods, given the magnitude of the production, but Thursday they announced that they’ll be looking else where.
One of the reasons for this move was…

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Economically elitist? Opera vs Book of Mormon

Most people assume that opera is expensive: an artform inaccessible to most people.

Compare Rigoletto and The Book of Mormon and you may be surprised.


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The extraordinary cost of Elphaba’s costume

Theatrical costumes can be eye-wateringly expensive. But is the cost justified? And why does Elphaba’s black dress cost so much? And why does it matter?WickedTK372

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Oh, what a circus! Oh, what a show!


Circus thrived in the Hippodromes of Edwardian London… but why has it disappeared from the West End and Broadway when it is going from strength to strength in Las Vegas? And might it return?

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