Secret Cinema Shambles

Secret Cinema, the immersive movie experience, has an almighty PR problem on its hands.

It’s opening night of Back To The Future has been cancelled with just hours to go.

Secret Cinema: opening night cancelled

To add insult to injury, they had told attendees not to being mobile phones with them. Issuing the cancellation notice on email and Facebook to people who were on their way to the venue without their smartphones has enraged ticketholders. Many people only found out as they got to the venue.

Secret Cinema Lawrence of Arabia (2010)

Secret Cinema Lawrence of Arabia (2010)

Feedback on social media has been bordering on apoplectic:

“Thank you for ruining my husband’s birthday and making a pregnant woman cry.”

Secret Cinema is offering ticketholder guaranteed tickets to another showing, but this may not assuage people who have come from far afield.

Secret Cinema has some PR work to do. Ironic, that this should have happened with a screening about time travel. Surely they could have predicted this!


Photo credits:

Cinema screening – Wikipedia

Back To The Future Gallery Plus





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